Group A Celicas on CarSales

Since I bought my Group A earlier this year there hadn’t been any more listed on CarSales, but that has all changed over the last month or so.

There are now three Group As on CarSales, and all of them are priced at around $25k or more.

What they’re listed for and what they sell for can obviously be two very different things, but it’s a good sign.

I bought #138 for less any of these, but I imagine being located 2.5 hours outside of Perth had an impact on the price.  How many other people would have been willing to buy a car without looking at it and then having it shipped a few thousands kms across the country!

I was happy with what I paid, and I’m even happier seeing these advertised prices.

What do you think a clean Celica GT-Four Group A Rallye is worth?

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  1. Hi Shaun,
    I am the owner of #69,
    I purchased the car from Sydney from Scott Christ.
    Car is located in Tasmania, not in SA.
    Car was originally sold in Brisbane,
    It has Brooklex Pty Ltd on the plate for the original owner.
    I believe Brooklex is an electrical engineer.
    I am led to believe that a person I know in Launceston may also have a Group A Rallye, I have knocked on the door several times but he has not been home.

  2. Grp A #130 was re-exported new to Thailand by Toyota Motor Thailand said the current owner in FB.

    I also found a red one with chassis no. 17766 for sale in Thailand.
    Not sure if this was #130.

  3. Do you have a contact page or email? There’s a Group A not on your register that I’ve driven past a few times and looks to be in pretty bad shape (fade, cobwebs, etc.) but apparently still registered. I’ll peer in to see what number it is next time.

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