The Journey Across Australia Begins

My Celica was collected from its owner of 27 years on Friday last week.

From there it starts a mighty 4,200km journey from the west coast of Australia to the east coast.

Brisbane to Narrogin

The first leg ran from Narrogin to Perth, which is just under 200km.  This was completed on a flat-bed tow truck.

She spent the weekend at the Prixcar depot, at Perth Airport, and today she’ll be moved to the Kewdale Rail Terminal which is right next to the airport.

That means my Celica is being shipped across the country via rail, which is not what I was expecting, but is pretty cool.

I’m using a company called Prixcar to move my Celica.  They weren’t the cheapest, but they do seem to have a good reputation.

They have a great online tracking tool which allows me to track where my car is and where/when it is expected next.

So far so good.

The previous owner has told me this was the first GT-Four Group A to be registered in the state (Western Australia), which apparently had something to do with the rural location of the dealership.

She also told me that her husband and the dealer were awarded with leather jackets to celebrate the first delivery in the state!  The owner’s jacket has been given away, but she’s going to try and find a photo for me.

Thanks also to the previous owner for providing plenty of photos along the way.