This might be a slightly boring topic, but not to me since it’s the industry I work in…

So I just sorted out the insurance for my GT-Four Group A via Shannons.  I spoke with Ian who was super helpful.

Their comprehensive cover was just over $500 a year and they gave me an agreed value of $17.5k.

That’s more than what I paid for the car, but includes my costs such as transporting it from Perth and getting it registered in Qld.

I also tried NRMA who insure our other cars, but their highest agreed value was less than half what Shannons offered!

Importantly, Shannons confirmed they will cover the vehicle whilst it’s unregistered and in transit from Perth to Brisbane, so that gives me some good peace of mind.

The car is insured for being driven once or twice a week, which should be completely fine for what I need.

Happy days.  The car is scheduled to be collected from Narrogin tomorrow to start its 4,200km journey to me.