Toyota Celica GT-Four Group A Rallye Register

Whilst there is already a great ST185 Carlos Sainz register over at Turbo Celica, my aim here is to put together a register only of the 150 Australian delivered ST185 Group A cars, and go into far more detail for each car.

All information below has come from websites, social media and publicly available state government registration records.


Colour: White

VIN: JT764STJ500017946

Engine Number: 3S9158245

Build Date: 11/91

NotesClick here to view the information I have on #001.  It’s a work in progress.

Last known activity: Social media posts from September 2018

Source: Instagram / Facebook



Colour: Black

Known Registrations: YWF112 (ACT – not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500015449

Notes: A forum post on Toymods by the user ‘Squid’ from October 2004 states the following:

“1 & 2 were owned by Mr Bates, one of which got written of and the other got sold (to some dude in Africa i think)”

Mr Bates presumably refers to Australian rally champion Neal Bates.  His workshop is in Canberra, which matches the ACT plates.

It says that one was written off and one was sold to Africa.  The original #001 is strongly rumoured to have been written off, but according to a Facebook post in January 2019 #002 was said to have been spotted in Newcastle.

A post on Toymods from January 2008 states the following:

“300,000 kms is a lotta kms, i know that mbell from who owns #2 has well over 300K on his black grpA. so u dont get that trophy yet”

Source: / (archived) / Toymods / Toymods


Colour: Super Red


Colour: Super Red


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Colour: White

Known Registrations:

YBY74U (ACT – Not current)

S368AGK (SA – Current)

VIN:  **************5476

Notes:  Group A #005 appeared on performance forums in 2008 when a user named Matty posted about their ownership of the car.

The same user posted the car for sale on in January 2010.  It was showing 160,000km with a long list of modifications.

In June 2018 the below photo appeared on Facebook.  A rego check confirms the VIN for S368AGK matches the VIN for YBY74U  which had been confirmed as build #005.

Last known activity: Facebook post from 11/06/2018 as per above.

Source: / Facebook


Colour: Super Red

Source: Facebook.


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: RBB01 (Qld – Not current)

Notes: A Facebook post  from November 2014 regarding another Group A includes a comment from Robbie Butler which states “I had 007 in red!

I reached out to Robert who has provided me with some great photos, including the one used above.

I believe the car may now have the Qld registration GTA07 with the VIN being JT764STJ500015502.  I can’t confirm it, but the VIN fits in around that build number based on the sequence, and the number plate also provides a strong clue.

Source: Facebook / Contact with previous owner


Colour: Teal Metallic


Colour: White

Known Registrations:

663KFC (Qld – Not current)

573TRS (Qld – Not current)

SMR009 (NSW – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500015515

First Owner: Ian & Lynette McPhee

Notes: Group A #009 is photographed above sometime prior to 2010.

Then owner (Steve Bensen) advised that he traded the car at Cars Galore in Toowoomba in February 2018, and that he was told the car was “going south to a collector”.

The dealer confirmed the above, and advised that the car is now owned by Harry Bates, son of multiple Australian Rally Champion Neal Bates.

The car has seen some competition use, having run at the Pittsworth Sprints in 2009.

A forum post on Toymods from September 2005 lists the owner as Steve Robb.  He says he’s not sure how many previous owners the car has had, but that it has been a few.  The car was located in Sydney and the registration was SMR009.

He stated the car had 210,000km and he paid $15,700 for it around five years prior to the post.

An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information:

“Modifications – full 3″ exhaust, EMS Stinger, hiflo CT26, forged pistons and usual beef ups, fuel pump, Leather interior (from import ST184 with Super Live sound system) shorter shifted the standard short shift, suspension (camber, bars, Konis, springs) (had 3 Bilsteins on it when I got it 2rear and 1 front!).”

Last known activity: Sold in February 2018.

Source: Facebook / Toymods / (archived) / Contact with previous owner / Contact with dealer


Colour: Super Red


Colour: Super Red


Colour: Super Red


Group A #013

Colour: White

Known Registrations:

CYAL8R (NSW – Not current)

BWM48W (NSW – Current to 23/05/2019)

VIN: JT764STJ500015554

Delivery Port: Sydney

First Owners: George & Anna Doukas

Notes: A forum post on Toymods by the user ‘Puffy’ (real name listed as Anhar Khamas) from October 2004 states that he is the second owner in eight years, and that the car has around 172,000km.

The modifications are listed as follows:

“ST205 motor, GT3037S, Frontmount, EMS, ST205 Brakes, race interior, HKS Cams & Gears, Exedy 3 puck clutch, Bosch fuel pumps…. you get the idea”

An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information:

“This vehicle was under sponsorship from Castrol and was used as an event car as well as a street car. It has since been converted solely to street use.”

Photos from show the car in Castrol livery with a stripped out interior and racing seats.  It also featured a large front-mount intercooler.

Last Known Activity: Current registration as of August 2018.

Source: Facebook / (archived) / OzCelica


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: AL42AK (NSW – Not current)

Notes: Car was listed for sale on Facebook in May 2015 by a guy named Haider Zidane.  The following text accompanied the listing:

“Celica gt4 turbo selling it to upgrade to a family car. it’s a nice rare car limited edition GT-4 Group A Rally 150 found their way to Australia signed by Carlos Sainz.

Very regretful sale I have owned it for over 10 yrs have reciepts for most of the work i have had done to it

Kilometres 249,000

Colour Red

InteriorColour grey

Transmission 5 speed Manual

Body 2 doors 4 seat Hatch

Drive Type Four Wheel Drive

Engine 4 cylinder Petrol Turbo Intercooled 2.0L

Registration Expiry: 05/07/2015

ABS breaks

Kenwood double din

Alarm system

would make the perfect project car as it need’s work to the paint and engine needs a tune up selling as it is $6000, 0411***469″

Last Known Activity: Facebook sale listing 20/05/2015.

Source: Facebook


Colour: White


Colour: White

Known Registrations:

307INY (QLD – Difficult to read)


VIN: JT764STJ500015581

Delivery Port: Sydney

Original Owner: Robert R Ingram


An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information:

“Grp A No #016 has been lovingly restored back to almost showroom condition in 2005. Owned as a private vehicle and driven regularly.”

The car is listed on the Shannons Club website, with the following text provided by the owner:

“This Carlos Sainz Group A rallye edition is number 16 of 150 sold in Australia. 5000 were released worldwide to meet WRC homologation requirements for the GROUP A formula. 

I have owned this car since 2007 and have upgraded the brakes and exhaust/turbo. I have used this GT4 for club level motor sport and have had great fun with it. Best result was 3rd in 4wd class at the 2009 Gatton Street Sprints. I enjoy this car for the rally history this model has, and that is is such a great car to drive. It’s pretty unique on the road these days so it is good to drive and enjoy something special.

Upgraded suspension – shocks/springs and adjustable rear sway bar 
Garrett Disco-Potato ball bearing turbo with custom manifold 
3 inch exhaust 
17 inch speedline wheels 
305mm front discs with custom aluminium hats, R32 4 piston Skyline calipers”

Source: (photo only) / Shannons Club


Colour: Grey Metallic

Known Registrations: AAM36X (NSW – Current at 19/04/2018)

VIN: *************5584

Dealer: Chatswood Toyota

Notes: This sounds to be one of the most original and well looked after Group A cars remaining.

It was purchased new from Chatswood Toyota, and remained within the same extended family until early 2018.  The only change of ownership during this period was from father-in-law (original buyer) to the son-in-law.

In 2018 the car changed hands again and is now shares an owner with #099.

The new owner advises the car is “100% stock and in original condition, no paint touch ups, no scratches on the bumpers from driveways and all documents from dealer sale to now”.

Last known activity: Contact with owner in August 2018.

Source: (photo only) / Facebook / Direct contact with owner


Colour: Teal Metallic

VIN: JT764STJ500015595

Notes: This one has UK plates, which matches up with the comments on that state the car is now located in the UK.


Colour: White


Colour: White

Known Registrations:

DCW65Y (NSW – Current to 19/12/2018)

ALL73J (NSW – Not current)

262SRC (QLD – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500015622

Original Owner: Glenn Gooch

Notes: A post on the Toymods forum from September 2005 lists the current owner as John Perritt located in Sydney.  He believes he is the fourth owner of the car, and paid $15,700 around six months prior to the post.

The KMs at the time are 115,000 and the car is said to be in good condition, close to standard, but with more mods planned.

A further post on the same thread comes from the original owner, Glenn Gooch:

“I am the original owner of this vehicle……..I purchased it from Lander Toyota at Blacktown.

I tagged along on the “Cannonball Run” in Northern Territory with this car. Fantastic. Great fun cruising past the cops at 190kmh. It drank like a fish though at speeds over 200kmh. You could watch the fuel needle move. I traded it on a BMW at AltoBMW Gordon. “

An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information:

“Last information was that this Grp A was still fairly standard but the current owner has plans to change that. Was informed that it is in good condition has done fairly low km’s.”

In February 2016 the car was listed on Carsales with an asking price of $15,000 and showing 201,800km.

Source: Toymods / (archived) /


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: BC42SX (NSW – Current at 19/04/2018)

VIN: *************5625

Notes: Going by forum posts this one has had extensive work done, particularly to the engine.  I believe it now has an ST205 engine.

It changed hands around 2008/2009 from a previous owner in Caringbah.

Last Known Activity: Forum posts in July 2017.

Source: (photo only) / Facebook / OzCelica


Colour: Super Red


Colour: White


Colour: Black


Colour: Super Red


Known Registrations: RJ055 (Current at 19/04/2018)

VIN: JT764STJ500015666

Engine Number: 3S9154581

Build Date: 01/1991

Notes: This car appeared in a used car review on the Cars Guide website in January 2009.

The owner is named as former rally driver Roger Moll, and he has the following to say about the car:

“Former Rally driver Roger Moll was fortunate to find a mint condition 1991 Celica GT-Four Group A that had done just 70,000 km and spent much of its early life locked away in a shed. It’s standard apart from a boost controller, but still has the factory set fuel-cut.”

What’s interesting about this car is that the build date on the registration is January 1991, whilst every other Group A I have seen is either September or October 1991.  This may have simply been a data entry mistake on the registration.

Source: Cars Guide


Colour: Grey Metallic

Known Registrations: CR99AS (NSW – current to 27/09/2019)

VIN: *************5672

Notes: #27 was listed for sale in August 2016.  The car was showing 96,350km and the asking price was $19,990.

The listing description from CarSales was as follows:

96350 km on the clock only. This 1991 Toyota Celica GT4 Rallye Manual 4WD will inspire you to drive!


RARE Number 27 of 150 delivered to Australia. Immaculate condition. Genuine 96000 kms from new.

Super RARE. ONLY 5 were delivered in Australia in this colour. Regretful sale, These are fast becoming collectors cars. Perhaps the most renowned vehicle ever made in Rallye championship history.

Garaged for the last 6 years. Always started. Just had fuel flush, injectors cleaned, new fluids and oils changed and flushed, runs beautifully. A/C needs gassing.

These Vehicles stand out from the crowd, The stereo typical 4WD turbo charged cars don’t compare to this rare beauty, This car will turn heads anywhere it goes.

Completely stock standard in unmolested condition, Paint is new. Owned by 2 mature enthusiasts, Never thrashed or driven hard. 3SGTE 2.0 litre engine, Unfortunately I will never get to enjoy it due to circumstances. Had no intention of ever selling.

Selling unregistered as it sits, May consider swap for something of interest. No hurry to sell, Silly offered will be ignored. Must be seen to be appreciated.

The owner also posted on a forum about the sale.  It appears the car sold quickly and went to a good home:

“1st person to see it snapped it up. A fellow enthusiast  who wants to keep it original.”

Last Known Activity: Instagram post from August 2018.

Source: OzCelica / CarSales / Instagram


Colour: Teal Metallic


Celica Group A #029

Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: GTF01R (NSW – Not current)

Original owner: John Varirtzis

Notes: An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information:

“No mechanical modifications last reported, only boost gauge, turbo timer, Hella driving lights, cold air intake to stock airbox. Excellent condition.”

This car is also listed on the Shannons Club website with the following description provided:

“Carlos Sainz Limited Edition No. 29 of 150. 2nd owner 2002 – 2008 

Purchased in completely stock condition, I did a lot of reconditioning/restoration work and mild enhancements to suspension and exhaust, as listed below, in keeping with the collectability of this rare vehicle. Handling was superb after the suspension improvements, and the exhaust sounded awesome (and not too loud)! Was very sad to have to sell in 2008.

16×8 Oz wheels (professionally restored & re-powdercoated) 
H&R 25mm track adjusters on rear 
King lowering springs 
KYB Excel-G struts 
New Toyota front strut tops 
Super-pro urethane bushes all round 
Whiteline heavy-duty adjustable rear sway bar 
Whiteline camber pins 

Aussie 3” downpipe, front pipe & high-flow cat 
Custom 2.5” aft of cat, with straight through resonator + dogleg rear muffler 
2.5” chrome dump tip 

Professional respray + clear overcoat from A-pillar back 
Blitz DTT DCII turbo timer 
Stewart Warner boost gauge 
Brant 3 point self-arming immobiliser alarm 
Green Cotton panel air filter 
Cold air intake 
Oil catch can 
Remanufactured starter motor 
New Koyo radiator 
New clutch, gearbox reconditioned + new synchros, machined flywheel 
Reconditioned power-steering pump 
Remanufactured A/C compressor 
Rebuilt distributor 
New clutch master & slave cylinders 
Reconditioned turbo 
and more…! “

Last known activity: Shannons listing states the car was sold in 2008.

SourceShannons Club / (archived)


Colour: Black


Colour: Super Red


Colour: Teal Metallic (other records say it should be white)

Known Registrations: YZP646 (ACT – Current at 17/04/2018)

VIN: ************5708

Engine Number: *****5368

Build Date: 09/1991

Notes: According to this should be white, but it’s photographed here in Teal Metallic.  The registration record states that it’s blue.

Further photos of the interior clearly show that it is number 32.

Source: Facebook.


Celica GT4 number 033

Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations:

WRC90 (NSW – Current at 18/05/2020)

SJ000 (VIC – Not current)

243DUA (QLD – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500015711

Original Owner: Mrs Shelley Elliot

Notes: An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information:

“This vehicle was listed on during early 2005, not much is known about it other than that it appears to be in good stock condition.”

In May 2020 a photo was posted in the Aussie GT4 Owners Group showing the car with the NSW registration WRC90 and a set of Oz Racing wheels.

Source: (archived) / Facebook


Colour: White


Colour: Black


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: YDN12T (ACT – Not current)

Notes: Group A #036 was listed for sale on OzCelica in March 2006 with the following text.  The seller’s name was Richard.

“For Sale: 1992 Celica GT4 Group A (Carlos Sainz Limited Edition, No. 36 of 150)

Some Info on the car:
Rego Expires August 2006

It is lightly modified with the following:
2.5 Inch Performance Exhaust from the Turbo Back
Koni Adjustable Shocks (only at the front, all springs and rear shocks are original)
K&N Air Filter
Plumb Back Blow-Off Valve
18x8inch Alloy Wheels (I have the originals which will be sold with the car)
GReddy Turbo Timer
Boost Gauge and Controller(Manual, currently set at 10psi)
I installed a new JVC MP3 CD Player in Dec 2005 (rrp $449). I still have the original 

that came with the car.
The car is fitted with QuikTrak GPS Monitoring Alarm System 

( This includes alarm and 3 point immobiliser.

The timing belt was replaced at 80,000km, and a new
clutch installed around 85,000km. I have the car serviced every 5000km at
Neal Bates Automotive (Toyota Rally Car Specialists) in ACT.”

An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information:

“This vehicle participated in the April 17, 2005 Grp A cruise.”

Source: (photo only) / OzCelica / (archived)


Colour: White


Colour: Teal Metallic

Known Registrations:

YDL13H (ACT – Not current)

1BFU465 (WA – Not current)

Notes: An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information:

“Modifications include BOV, 17″ rims, lowered springs and stereo, otherwise fairly standard condition.”

The photos show that the “Turbo 4WD” stickers are not the correct ones for a Group A, so presumably they have been replaced following a repair.

Source: (archived)


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: EJ2696 (TAS – Expired 21/06/2016)

VIN: JT764STJ500015768

Engine Number: 3S9154941

Delivery Port: Sydney

Notes: Group A #039 competed in the 1999 Targa Tasmania at the hands of Lyndsay Shumes, wearing number 801.

In the photo above which shows entrants 801 and 802 at the 1999 Targa, the matching 802 car is Group A #052.

This car is listed on the Shannons Club website, without a photo, but notes that it competed in the 1999 Targa Tasmania.

“Carlos Sainz signature edition, number 39. Raced in Targa Tasmania 1999.”

Modifications: None, vehicle is all original bar the radio.”

The owner of #039 has been in touch to advise the above is correct, however the original stereo has been refitted.

#039 is now on Victorian club registration and shares a garage with #045 on the Mornington Peninsular.

In November 2018 this car was listed for sale on Gumtree, but only lasted a couple of days.  The asking price was $21,000 and the following text is from the listing:

“Original st185 group a Celica GT4 Carlos Sainz limited edition. 39 of 150
New leather interior.
New clutch pressure plate and release bearing.
New oil pump.
New water pump.
New cam timing belt and hydraulic tensioner.
New iridium spark plugs.
New brakes.
New front sway bar links.
New hatch gas struts.
4 new tyres.
Gearbox, transfer case and differentials oil changed.
Engine oil changed.
[hidden information] klm
Sold unregistered as is on non transferable club registration.
Inspection by appointment.If PayPal is used buyer pays fees”

Last known activity: Gumtree listing from November 2018.

Source: Facebook / Shannons Club / Gumtree / Direct from owner


Colour: Super Red


Celica GT4 Group A Number 41

Colour: White

Notes: Group A #041 appeared for sale on in early 2019 with an asking price of $19,500 and 190,000km on the clock.

The listing states the car is “all original” besides a larger intercooler.  The photos show that the front bar has been cut (presumably for the larger intercooler), there is a non-standard exhaust along with non-standard stereo, pedals, gearknob and an extra gauge.

The photos also show that the car has been resprayed at some point.  All decals are missing and the rear Toyota badge has been painted over.

Interestingly, Group A #041 seems to be one of the very few without the air conditioning option.

Presumably the vendor doesn’t know a huge amount about the car, as they refer to it as a “Rally Art” model.  Perhaps getting a little confused with Mitsubishi there…  They’ve also listed it as a 1990 model, which is incorrect for a Group A car.

The text from the listing is as follows:

“The legen Celica GT4 RALLY ART





According to the listing the car is located in Caroline Springs, Victoria.

Last Known Activity: For sale listing on in March 2019.



Colour: Super Red


Colour: White

Known Registrations: 1BGN897 (WA – Not current)

Notes: Group A #043 was listed for sale on Oz Celica in March 2007 with the following text:

“1991 Carlos Sainz GT4 build no. 43
turbo timer
16″ PCW rims with new tyres
near immaculate unterior
after market exhaust (i think 3″)
dump pipe
speed hut custom GT4 white dials with luminous blue/green change
alpine CD player
momo gear shift”

Source: OzCelica


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations:

ESF921 (VIC – Cancelled 08/11/2015)

DMR22R (NSW- Current)

VIN: JT764STJ500015803

Engine Number: 3S9155236

Compliance Plate Date: 09/1991

Note: Facebook comment from January 2015 by the owner states the car has 55,000km on the clock.  Also shows Oz Racing Chrono wheels being fitted.  The registration is NSW and appears to be either CD00RI or CO00RI.


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations:

ERA289 (VIC – Not current)

TWQ726 (VIC – Cancelled 10/02/2015)

VIN: JT764STJ500015810

Engine Number: 3S9155241

Build Date: 09/1991

Notes: This car was offered at the Shannons Melbourne Classic Summer Auction, where it sold for $13,000.

In March 2014 #045 was photographed at the Ararat Jailhouse Rock Show and Shine.  It had different number plates, and was again for sale via a flyer in the window.  The flyer included the following text:

“1991 ST185 Toyota Celica GT-Four Group A Rallye Coupe [“Carlos Sainz” Limited Signature Edition No 045]

Carlos Sainz in this type of car won the 1990, 1992 & 1993 World Rally Driving Championships.  This is a very rare car – Number 045 of 150.

$15,500 negotiable – Price new in 1991 $46,500.00.

[Highest priced Toyota of its year]

After purchase, add on prices – Toyota fitted cruise control – 17 inch Compomotive Alloys an Rally Tyres.  New turbo and clutch fitted at 159,999kms.”

In photos of the engine bay these is no gold plate where it would usually be.  Apparently this is the case with Group A cars that were floor stock and not pre-ordered, therefore there was no owners name to put on the plate.

The owner of #045 has been in touch.  The car is now on Victorian club registration and shares a garage with #039 on the Mornington Peninsular.

Last known activity: Above confirmation from the owner in August 2018.

Source: Shannons / online / Direct from owner


Colour: White


Celica Group A #047

Colour: White

Known registrations:

SAINZ (WA – Current at 18/05/2020)

PXM562 (Vic – Expired)

VIN: JT764STJ500015822

Source: Facebook


Colour: White

VIN: JT764STJ500015833

Notes: The following was posted on the Toymods forum in March 2005:

“number 48 for sale at geelong rd car sales for $13000. i am going to take a look at it next week, to see if it original. I think it has about 230000 kms on it.”

Source: Toymods


Colour: White


Colour: Grey Metallic

Delivery Port: Perth


Group A #051

Colour: Black

Known Registrations: YFF385 (ACT – Not current)

Notes: Listed for sale on OzCelica in June 2010 with the following text:

“Genuine 91,000 kilometres with detailed documented history available. Immaculate inside and outside. Serviced by Neil Bates Auto (Celica specialists in Canberra) Owned by a non-smoker, mature-age person; guilty of over-pampering and not driving it enough. Mechanics report available soon. Registered to January 2011. New Falken ZE-912 tyres.  Stock standard apart from the mickey mouse wheels. However on the upside, she coms with a delightful Apexi exhaust that resonates like a cathedral organ when the turbo settles in.”

Source: OzCelica


Group A #52 competed in the Targa Tasmania from 1999 to 2001, and potentially later years.

View the full listing below for more information and photos.

Click here for full listing.


Colour: Grey Metallic (now black)

Known Registrations:

53GRPA (NSW – Current at 17/05/2018)

389RVW (QLD – Not current)

TOOCH1 (VIC – Not current)

GPA53 (VIC – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500015865

Delivery Port: Melbourne

Notes: A forum post on Toymods by the user ‘tooch’ from October 2004 states the following about Group A #053:

“I have ST185 No. 53 here.
Very good condition (wheels are stuffed but being replaced), has had some minor accident repairs done, interior has a few small blemishes here and there.
I’m the 3rd owner.
Rego GPA-053 (i’m putting my personalised plates on it soon tho)”

An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information about Group A #053:

“This car was originally grey (code 182) but had been resprayed by a previous owner and is now black.”

A post on Toymods (link) from January 2008 indicates that the car is no longer on the original engine:

“Stuck in a new motor about 20,000kms ago, bought it already rebuilt with TRD forgies, shotpeened rods, o-ringed block, ARP rod bolts, TVIS removed and welded, fully balanced, etc. Also had a ceramic Xtreme clutch.”

The above photo was posted on Facebook March 2018 by the current owner.

There is an old forum post about this car (link) however the photos are dead and there isn’t much information about the car.

The same VIN was also matched to the expired QLD registration 389RVW.  Photos from also show the car wearing Victorian registrations GPA53 and TOOCH1.

The following comment was posted on the Toymods Facebook group regarding this car back in February 2016 by Simon Tucci:

“I sold my rough Group A for $4.5k about 5 years ago! It passed through a couple of owners after me, last one was trying to get $17k for it, claiming it was ‘immaculate factory original’ and only had 70,000km on it. Funny that, considering it had been resprayed from its original colour, had repaired accident damage, had 250,000km when I sold it, and was generally rough around the edges. So watch out if you see a black ST185 Group A #53 for sale.” 

Last Known Activity: Current NSW registration as of August 2018.

Source: Facebook / Facebook / (archived) / Toymods


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: GPA054 (Vic – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500015874

Notes: A photo posted on shows the car with some front end damage to bumper and the left-hand lights.

Source: (archived)


Colour: White


Colour: White

Known Registrations: 601JUY (QLD – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500015885


Colour: White


I took the above photo at the 2002 Brisbane Motorshow.  The focus is terrible which makes the information board difficult to read, however it appears to state that the car competed in the 2000 Targa Tasmania.

Colour: White (originally) Now Chameleon

Known Registrations: ZOR89 (QLD – Not current)

Notes: I saw this car on display at a Brisbane Motorshow many years ago.  It’s very recognisable thanks to its colour.  I also saw it listed for sale on a few years ago, which is where the top photo came from (note the watermark).  Along with the custom paint it also featured a roll cage at the time.


Colour: Teal Metallic

Known Registrations: YVN240 (ACT – Expired 16/11/2016)

VIN: *************5913

Engine Number: *****5022

Build Date: 09/1991

Notes: This car features in Unique Cars magazine buyers guide back in 2010.  In the article the owner of the car has the following to say about it:

“It was a one-owner car until I bought it in 2007 and I knew its background very well.  I’ve been a deep-down Celica freak since the 1970s and always wanted a GT4.

It’s now done 200,000km and I use it as an everyday car but there’s still plenty of life left in it.

Engine belts every 100,000km and servicing with quality lubricants every 5000 are important. That apart it’s had a fuel pump and a speedo repair but it’s still on the original turbocharger.”

It’s not 100% clear that the car pictured is the owners, but it would seem a safe bet.

Last known activity: Photographed at the 2016 Toyota Nationals.

Source: Unique Cars


Celica GT4 Group A Number 60

Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations:

1NU6PQ (VIC – Current at 14/03/2019)

BOZZY (VIC – No longer current)

VIN: JT764STJ500015917

Engine Number: 3S9155181

Build Date: 09/1991

Notes: Group A #060 appeared for sale on in March 2019 with an asking price of $30,000.  The photos show the car in brilliant original condition with 154,000km on the clock.

The text from the listing is as follows:

“This 1991/ 2 Toyota Celica GT4 Rallye Manual 4WD is fantastic in handling and performance.


This Toyota Celica 1992 GT4 Rallye has power door mirrors, central locking, 15″ alloy wheels, front power windows and leather steering wheel. It has power steering. Last but not least this car has a spoiler on the back and limited slip diff (LSD).

This is a rare unmolested car. I’m the second owner. Original throughout. Service books & original steering wheel included.

Only genuine inquiries please.”

According to the listing the car is located in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Last Known Activity: For sale listing on in March 2019.



Colour: Super Red


Colour: Teal Metallic

Known registrations: XZD409 (NSW – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500015924

Notes: The owner of car #062 from 1999-2001 has been in touch and provided some additional photographs from the time.  Back then the car wore the NSW registration XZD409.

The car had been fitted with an aftermarket glass sunroof by the original owner.  The only other modification at the time were the non-standard wheels.

A post on the archived forum from April 2006 by the user ‘TobyJ’ states the following about #062:

“Have had for about 6 weeks now, and still some issues to tidy up from its previous ownership, but a pretty tidy car on the whole. “

Source: (archived) / Direct contact with former owner


Colour: Black

Known registrations: GPAWRC (WA – Current)

Notes:  The current owner of #063 purchased the car from a dealership in QLD, after which it was taken back to WA where it currently resides.

The car now undertakes occasional course car/official duties for Targa West & Targa South West.

Last known activity: Contact with owner in September 2018.

Source: Direct contact with owner.


Colour: White


Colour: Super Red


Colour: Super Red

Notes: A Facebook post from July 2018 claims to show #066.  Whilst the car is red, it wears RC badges and has been imported into the US from Japan.

With that build number it should have been an Australian delivered Group A.  This is discussed within the comment thread, without any real answer on the numbering issue.

It should be added that whilst the plaque is visible in the photos (and it’s not a Group A plaque) the actual number is not legible.


I received the following message in July 2019:

“No 66 is alive and immaculately originally well in Sydney lovingly cared for by the same owner for the past 20 odd years. Originally sold in Melbourne. It was at a car show a few years ago”

Source: Facebook


Celica Group A #067

Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: 979SPS (QLD – Current at 17/04/2018)

VIN: JT764STJ500015982

Note: The earliest information I have on Group A #067 is a sales listing in Unique Cars magazine issue 366 from August 2014:

Toyota Celica ST185 #067

The car looked and sounded to be quite original at that point.

An online listing was also found on with the same wording and price, but with the addition of the odometer reading at 210,000km.  It’s difficult to know the exact listing date, but it appears to have been active between August 2016 and August 2017.  The description was as follows:

“Carlos Saintz signatured edition #67. GT4 group a rally. 2L turbo charged. Many new parts eg. timing belt, new tyres, front eng seals, pulley’s & tensioner, brake pads etc. Eye catching & in great condition inside & out. Handles extremely well.”

I saw the car personally at the 2018 All Japanese Day in Brisbane, which is where the top photo was taken.  I’ve also had contact with the current owner.

Last known activity: On display in 2018.

Source: Facebook / Unique Cars magazine


Colour: White

Known Registrations:

DAU38W (NSW – Expired 19/10/2017)

339GCF (Hard to read, but looks like QLD)

VIN: JT764STJ500015992

Notes: Going by the forum posts this one was last purchased sometime prior to 2015.  It was in shabby condition but has since had a lot of work done, particularly to the engine.

Photos show that this car does not have the gold plate in the engine bay (meaning it wasn’t a pre-ordered car) but it does have the #68 plate inside the car.

An old photo found on (archived) shows the car with what appear to be QLD plates 339GFC.  The same side skirts as shown in the photo above can be seen.

Last Known Activity: Forum posts from November 2016.

Source: (photo only) / Toymods / OzCelica


Colour: Super Red

VIN: JT764STJ500016002

Known registrations:

H05YK (SA – Current at 1/08/2019)

91GRP (QLD – Not current)

758DCN (QLD – Not current)

Delivery Port: Darwin

Notes: A forum post on Toymods by Gary (username Hawk) from October 2004 states that he purchased Group A #069 from Sydney around 13 months prior to the post, and took it back to Brisbane.

The car was listed for sale on Gumtree in October 2018.  The following description was provided by the seller, Scott Christ:

“Toyota Celica GT-Four Group A – Build #69 the car is exceptional

Only 150 of the 5,000 were delivered into Australia”

The car was showing 186,319km and although the photos aren’t great, the car seems to be good condition.

The only obvious modification is the addition of some stereo equipment in the boot.  The external photos are quite limited, not even showing the wheels.  A previous photo from shows #069 with aftermarket wheels.

Both build plates are visible in the engine bay and interior confirming the build number and VIN.

Although the photo from shows a QLD number plate which has been obscured (although I know it to be 91GRP) the location for the 2018 listing is Sydney.


Group A #069 is now listed on the Shannons Club website.  The photos show the car in very good original condition.  It is now wearing the standard wheels rather than the aftermarket wheels shown in previous photos.

The Shannons Club listing includes the following text from the owner:

“#69 of the 150 Carlos Sainz Group A Rallye homologation models for the Australian market, originally sold in QLD.

Toyota’s most successful WRC car to date.

Car is very original, including the paint, only the bumpers have been re-painted.

Original sound system replaced with an Alpine unit, amp and CD stacker by a previous owner. (originals on hand)

Original size tyres are almost impossible to obtain,215/50/15 now fitted with 205/55/15 Yokohama’s

PWR radiator fitted.”

Last known activity: For sale listing from 4/10/2018

Source: (photo only) | Gumtree | Shannons Club


Colour: Black

Known Registrations: GRPA70 (Vic – Current)

VIN: JT764STJ500016010

Engine: 6S9155688

Notes: These details are not 100% confirmed for Group A #070, however the VIN sequence fits, the colour is correct and the number plate all but confirms it.

The engine number may be incorrect.  It should start with 3S, but it is showing in the Vic registration system as 6S.

Last Known Activity: Current registration at 15/01/2019.


Colour: Super Red

Registration Number: TRD71 (QLD – Unconfirmed)

VIN: JT764STJ500016017 (Unconfirmed)

Notes: I have no way of confirming the registration and VIN number above are correct, however the VIN fits into the gap between #069 and #072, and the TRD71 number plate provides another strong link.


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: NG1933 (VIC – Current at 11/04/2018)

VIN: JT764STJ500016019

Engine Number: 3S9155773

Compliance Plate Date: 09/1991


Colour: White


Colour: Teal Metallic

Known Registrations: 92WRC (QLD – Current at 11/04/2018)

Original Owner: John Anderson

VIN: JT764STJ500016041

Delivery Port: Sydney

Notes: A forum post on Toymods by the user ‘GRPA74’ from October 2004 states that the car was in showroom condition and had 135,000km.

The modifications were listed as follows:

“Engine rebuild, forged pistons, hi-flow CT26, EMS, ST205 fuel injectors, walbro 500hp fuel pump etc. Volk racing rims and custom leather interior”

Source: Toymods


Colour: Super Red


Colour: White

VIN: JT764STJ500016062

Original Owner: Hans Spits

Notes: An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information:

“This vehicle was a competitor in Targa Tasmania 2005, it is currently based in southern Tasmania and being prepared for the event again in 2006.”

Based on the photo this car competed in the Targa Tasmania in 2005, driven by Peter Rogers and Damon Wecker.

Source: (archived)


Celica Group A #077

Colour: Super Red

Notes: According to the register at, Group A #077 now resides in Finland.  Photos found on Facebook show the car in Finland, with both the engine bay and interior Group A plates in place.  Interesting that an Australian Group A made its way to Finland.

Source: Facebook


Colour: White


Colour: Black

Known registrations:

311WRC (WA – Current to 23/09/2018)

ONESHOT (WA – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500016097

Notes: Group A #079 has been with the same owner since 2000, and was used as daily transport until 2005.

The car is still with the same owner 18 years later with no intentions of selling anytime soon.

#079 features a number of modifications including a TTE turbo back exhaust and 17 inch Compomotive wheels.

Last known activity: Current WA registration as of 17/09/2018.

Source: Facebook / Contact with owner


Colour: Black

Known Registrations: 547 (SA – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500016102


Colour: White


Colour: Super Red


Colour: Grey Metallic

Known Registrations: OST185 (QLD – Current at 11/04/2018)

VIN: JT764STJ500016124


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations:

GT4GRPA (WA – Current at 17/04/2018)

GT084 (WA – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500016127

Delivery Port: Perth

Notes: A user on the Facebook post states they purchased the car in December 2014.

Another Facebook post from 6/11/2014 on the Toyota Australia page has a comment from Oli Rooke which states “I had #84! Should never have sold her…

I’ve messaged Oli to see if he can provide any further information about #084.

Given the timings of the comments, the car presumably went through three different people during that period.

SourceFacebook / (archived)


Colour: White

Known Registrations: 8GR014 (current to 31/10/2018)

VIN: ************16142

Delivery Port: Perth

Source: Facebook


Colour: Black


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: SQY439 (VIC – Cancelled 15/01/2016)

VIN: ************16159

Delivery Port: Perth


Celica Group A #088

Colour: Black

Known Registrations: GTA088 (WA – Not current)

Delivery Port: Perth

Notes: This photo was posted on Facebook in May 2018, with the owner confirming it is Group A #088.

The car competed at the Targa New Zealand in 2004 (as pictured) and has competed in other events such as Targa West in 2006 where it finished 13th outright.

Targa West 2006 is probably most famous for being the event that claimed Peter Brock‘s life.

Source: Facebook


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: NBW260 (VIC – Current at 16/01/2019)

VIN: ************16170

Delivery Port: Perth

Last Known Activity: Current registration at 16/01/2019


Colour: White

Delivery Port: Perth


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations:

XAI250 (VIC – Current at 16/01/2019)

BB372E (SA – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500016193

Notes: The Victorian registration and VIN is not 100% confirmed as Group A #091, however the VIN sits perfectly in the sequence between #090 and #092, and the colour is correct.

The car must have been listed for sale on CarSales at some point, based on the watermark in the photo.

Last Known Activity: Current registration at 16/01/2019


Colour: Super Red

Delivery Port: Perth


Colour: White

Known Registrations:

BEEJ (SA – Not current)

VFM987 (SA – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500016210

Delivery Port: Adelaide

Original Owners: Shane J & Antionetta A Smith

Notes: A forum post on Toymods by the user ‘Beej’ from October 2004 states that he is the third owner of Group A #093 and that it has 196,000km.  He says the car is in almost showroom condition with an upgraded stereo.

An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information:

“Privately owned vehicle in Adelaide, genuine Carlos Sainz accessory steering wheel, relatively stock condition. Good example.”

A Facebook post  from November 2014 regarding another Group A includes a comment from Bj Van de Weyer which states they own #093.

I reached out to BJ who confirmed he still owns the car, but it is currently in storage.  He also mentioned that the car included some interesting dealer mods…

Last known activity: Contact with owner in August 2018.

Source: (photo only) / Facebook / (archived) / Direct contact with owner


Colour: Black

Known Registrations:

OGT185 (QLD – Current at 11/04/2018)

GTIV (SA – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500016215

Notes: Forum post from August 2010 by then owner:

“I own a GT4 Grp A also. #94 (Black). Have owned it since 2005.”

Last Known Activity: Current registration in Qld.

Source: (photo only) / MR2 Australia / (archived)


Colour: White


Colour: Super Red


Colour: Teal Metallic

Known Registrations: GT4097 (NSW – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500016249

Notes: A forum post on Toymods by the user ‘Puffy’ from April 2005 states the following:

“NUMBER 97 – Turquise Teal – factory. Its for sale on ebay and if I had the money I would buy another one. Its even more rare in that colour and it looks very clean. Someone from here please buy it and look after it. Bloody good price….. we need to save this one ! “

Photos from an archived version of show that this car does have the gold plate in the engine bay.

Source: (archived) / Toymods


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: 370J (SA – Not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500016260

Notes: Going by the photos on it appears the car was on the side of the road for sale.

Source: (archived)


Celica Group A #099

Colour: White

Known Registrations:

CK63YQ (NSW – Current to 5/01/2019)

BWV23X (NSW – Not current)

299FOD (QLD – Not current)

VIN: *************6270

Notes: Car #099 shares the same owner with #017.

Last known activity: Contact with owner in August 2018.

SourceFacebook / Direct contact with owner


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: CNM40T (NSW – Expired 21/05/2014)

VIN: *************6273


Colour: White

Known Registrations: GT4101 (VIC – Current at 16/01/2019)

VIN: JT764STJ500016296

Notes: This registration and VIN is not 100% confirmed as Group A #101, however the VIN sequence fits, the colour is correct and the custom number plate ‘GT4101’ all but confirms it.

Last Known Activity: Current registration at 16/01/2019


Colour: Super Red


Colour: White

Known Registrations: BEK72G (NSW – No longer registered to this car)

Notes: The owner posted about this car on OzCelica in May 2012.  The car had been purchased in 2009 with 77,000km and at the time of posting had 85,000km.

At the time there are had been a reasonable about of engine work and other areas worked on:

“- OZ 17 Superturismo WRC 8×17 35ET(resprayed in Toyota white) & 25mm HR spacers
– Tein EFDC and SS shocks all round.
– SARD Analyse 89661‑2B310 GT-Four ‘RC’ ECU – which was a big change over the Aust Delivered ECU = 304 @ 4000 rpm, (ps/bhp) 235/232 @ 6000 rpm, 173kw vs 152. (Plug and Play)
– CT20B Group A steel wheel turbo swap (147awkw with CT26) havent dynoed with the CT20B but goes even harder since.
– 3″ Dump, 3″ pipe ending at a 2.5″ VAREX.
– MA70 Supra fogs as fitted to the Japanese delivered RCs in the day.
– Viper 5901 Alarm with Remote Start.
– Samco Black silicone hosing throughout.”

The photos show that #103 does not have the gold engine bay plate, meaning that it was not a pre-ordered car.

Update June 2019:  The owner has confirmed the car is still more or less as described above, but now with 88,000km.

Last Known Activity: Contact with owner in June 2019 as per above.

Source: Facebook / OzCelica


Colour: White

Known Registrations: OGT044 (Current at 11/04/2018)

VIN: JT764STJ500016362

Delivery Port: Sydney

Notes: Going by some of the photos on (archived) it appears they have been scanned from a magazine that the car appeared in.

The following text comes from (archived), written by the owner:

“My name is Nathan Green, I live in Australia and here are some pictures of my ST185 GROUP A RALLYE #104/150. It currently has 14psi low boost and 22psi high boost which makes for a very quick ride.

Mods: Engine has been built to world rally spec, this includes TTE pistons, cams, gaskets, computer, crank, valves, and fuel rail. Injectors are a huge 780cc and the turbo is hybrid CT26, and yes it idles sort of like a rotary.
Interior has only Sparco rally wheel and Carlos Sainz gearknob. Everything else is standard (red Sparco Sainz seats are on the way).
Of course rear lsd and short shift hks are used.

Future mods: Rally anti-lag system, Apexi N1 muffler to add to the 3 inch exhaust that’s already there. Battery removal to the rear to make room for huge carbon fibre air box (TTE) and big BOV.”

Source: / (archived) / (archived)


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: MY023 (ACT – Current to 7/10/2018)

VIN: JT764STJ500016370

Notes: Group A #105 is very unique as it has been converted with a twin turbo V8 1UZ engine.  The car is RWD-only now, which is quite evident from the photos!

More information can be found on this post on Performance Forums.

An engine bay photo clearly shows the gold Carlos Sainz plate, however the details are not legible.

A post on OzCelica from 2007 regarding a non-Group A car claims to have the original engine from #105:

“Rebuilt Group A St185 engine out of No 105”

Last known activity: Current registration at 19/09/2018

Source: / OzCelica


Colour: Super Red


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations:

ABN087 (VIC – Current at 11/04/2018)

S713AES (SA – Cancelled)

VIN: JT764STJ500016414

Engine Number: 3S9156686

Compliance Plate Date: 09/1991

Notes: This car was recently listed for sale on with an asking price of $33,800 and showing 275,000km.  The car features quite a few modifications to the engine and had previously been a South Australian car.

Earlier photos from (archived) show another registration which appears to be NSW GRP00A or GRP004.  The photos have the old eBay watermark, indicating the car has been listed on eBay at some point prior to 2007.

Last known activity: August 2018.  See notes.

Source: / Facebook / (archived)


Colour: Black

Known Registrations:

AAM98Z (NSW – Not current)

T4 (VIC – Cancelled 04/08/2018)

VIN: JT764STJ500016424

Engine Number: 3S9156679

Notes: This car was auctioned by Bonhams on the 25th of June 2011.  The sale price was $11,909 including buyer’s premium.

Here are the notes from the auction listing:

“Number 108/150 of the Australian editions, this black example was delivered through Phil McCarrol Toytota in Wiatara, NSW the car has travelled 84,300 kms and remains in excellent condition throughout. Formerly owned by a Sydney collector, the car has received regular servicing and remains in original, unmodified condition. Included are the service books, owners manuals and the car is being sold registered in NSW.”

In January 2018 (estimated) the car was listed for sale again, now wearing the Victorian plates T4 and with a list price of $30,000.  The following text accompanied the listing.  Apologies for the all caps:


The car did sell, but the final sale price is unknown.

Source: Bonhams / Bonhams Auction Listing / Used Cars Lookup

108 RC

Colour: Black (now in Castrol livery)

Notes: This one is a little strange, as the plate shows that it is number 108 of 5,000, however the plate is the one used for overseas markets.  According to the ST185 register on the car was originally sold in Japan and is now in UK.

So how are there two Carlos Sainz ST185s in existence both numbered 108?

If you know anything please let us know via the comments.


Colour: Black

Known Registrations: GT4WRC (SA – Not current)

Notes: A photo of #109 was posted in the Aussie GT4 Owners Group in April 2020.

Source: Facebook


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: GRPA00 (NSW – Current at 27/04/2018)

VIN: *************6468

Notes: Photographed in September 2017 looking in great shape.  Has a sunroof.

Update 16/08/2018: The car has recently appeared on with an asking price of $25,888 and showing 186,842km.  Interestingly, the front bumper has been replaced with a non-Group A item.  In the earlier photo from September 2017 the car still had the correct Group A bumper.

The text from the ad is as follows:

“Rare 1 of 150 delivered to Australia! 1991 Carlos Sainz Celica Group A Toyota Celica GT4 Rallye! Only 1 Owner! Always garaged, loved dearly, 4WD, Manual, Full Logbooks”

Last Known Activity: August 2018.  See above.

Source: Instagram /


Toyota Celica Group A number 111

Colour: White

Known Registrations: AXP37K (NSW)

VIN: JT764STJ500016495

Notes: Celica Group A #111 first appeared on 12/01/2020.

The asking price is $18,000 and the car is showing 205,000km.  The condition is best described as fair.  On the outside it looks quite good, but the lack of decals indicates it has probably been resprayed.

The numbered plaque on the console is in place, but in the engine bay the gold plate has been replaced with something different.  There are also some rips in the seats.

The following text comes from the listing:


ANOTHER RELUCTANT SALE – 91 Carlos Sainz Group A Celica WRC Group A Rally GT 4WD Build number 111 of 150 in Australia – White

WARNING **This beast can only be tamed by a very good driver **

Minor repairs I can’t get around to prior to rego due on 1st March.

A bit of detailing and it will put another 5-10k on it. Air conditioning needs gas, new mats, Baby ding needs to massaged out. Etc.

If you know Carlos Sainz you’ll know that you’re looking at a steal. This beast will need careful handling.

Was not interested in selling from previous unsolicited offers but have no choice now. . This car turns heads from men and women.

Will be selling for fixed price – no near offers, no haggling, just genuine buyers please.”



Colour: Super Red


VIN: JT764STJ500016527

Known Registrations: ESD313 (VIC?)

Colour: Black

Notes: The first photo is from, and going by the watermark in the corner it appears to be from a rather old eBay listing.

The second photo comes from a Gumtree for sale listing dated around November 2017, with screenshots shared on Facebook.  One comment on Facebook stated that it must have had a rollcage in it previously, and along with the bonnet pins that would indicate this may have been a race/rally car.

If it was a race or rally car, I’d say it was much earlier in its life.  The first photo shows the bonnet pins but no roll cage.  The old eBay watermark hasn’t been used for at least a decade, so if it was a race car and the rollcage was removed afterwards, it was prior to the eBay listing and therefore quite some time ago.

The Gumtree listing included a VIN but no build number.  Based on my VIN records and the colour, it was highly likely to be #113, and the fact that an existing photo of #113 from another source also has the same bonnet pins means we can be quite certain this is the same car.

Update 16/08/2018 – This car has now appeared on  The asking price is $25k and the mileage is listed as 227,175km.  The following description has been provided:


this car is an absolute wonderful car to drive, in great condition with books is definitely an investment for the future. is in good condition both externally and internally, still has the original radio and wheels and drives well.

genuine inquiries only thank you”

The car is listed without a registration number, and the car is photographed without number plates.

Source: / Facebook /


Colour: Super Red


Colour: Super Red


Known Registrations: YCC80D (ACT – Expired 27/04/2012)

VIN: JT764STJ500016632

Engine Number: *****5581

Original Owner: Peter Wurth

Colour: White

Source: / (archived)


Colour: White

Known Registrations:

RALLYE (SA – Not current)

A36GI (TAS – Expired 9/03/2017)

VIN: JT764STJ500016645

Engine Number: 9108634

NotesAn archived version of from 2007 provides the following information about #117:

“Privately owned, this vehicle had the following modifications as of February 2006:

  • Turbo Smart Dual Boost
  • Shift Light
  • GT4 Embossed seats Front and Rear
  • Dual Amps
  • Pioneer 6×9 Alpine Stereo CD Player
  • Auto meter boost gauge
  • HKS Turbo Timer not fitted
  • Lenso 17 ” Alloys
  • 3 Pairs Peddars Springs raise or Lower
  • Supersonic Blow Off Valve
  • Electric Windows, Mirrors , Antenna
  • Central Locking
  • Air Conditiond
  • Tyres 215/45zR17 Low Profile
  • Momo gear knob”

The photos show that the “4WD Turbo” stickers have been placed incorrectly in front of the rear wheels, instead of behind the front wheels.  This could indicate that the car has been repaired or resprayed at some point prior to October 2007.  Another photo shows that there are no decals on the rear of the car.

Group A #117 was listed for sale on Gumtree in July 2011.  It was also posted about on the OzCelica forum by its then owner, with a brief history:

“The short version of the story is:
Jan 2008: I purchased the car from another (former) member in Victoria, and the car unfortunately was stolen that day. 
March 2008: Car was shipped back to Tas on the back of a trailer, in fine condition bar a few missing parts.
July 2008: Car was registered in Tasmania.
November 2008: Car was off the road again and taken back to my house on the back of a tow truck. It was then taken to a friend’s place to commence work on the engine transplant, but work kind of stalled… For about 3 years…
Jan 2009: Engine purchased from WTF Auto.
June 2011 – present: Car returned to Launceston and EVERYTHING ELSE HAPPENED”

The car has had a lot of work done, especially to the engine.

In June 2013 the car was again listed for sale on the OzCelica forum as well as Gumtree.  The car was showing 282,000km.

#117 has resurfaced on Facebook in not-so-great condition, and is being rebuilt into a tarmac rally car.

Last known activity: Facebook posts from 2018.

Source: / Facebook / OzCelica / (archived)


Colour: White (pictured in red)

Notes: This is an odd one.  As number 118 (as shown in the plate above) this should have been an Australian car in white, but according to it was sold new in Japan as an RC model and now resides in New Zealand.

A Facebook post from July 2018 states that the car was originally a Group A from Australia, but the specification (in particular the RC badges and build plate) do not represent an Australian delivered car.

It would be interesting to know if there is also an Australian-delivered Group A with the number 118.  There is a similar thing with number 108 where an overseas #108 exists along with an Australian #108.

Source: / Facebook


Colour: White


Colour: Super Red


Colour: White

Known Registrations:

COA61B (NSW – Expired 08/07/2015)

AB08RK (NSW – Expired 3/11/2006)

VIN: JT764STJ500016729

Notes: Group A #121 was listed for sale in 2015.  The listing included the following information:

It has 175XXX on the clock. Interior is mint.
New tie rods.
New gear lever boot.
New momo OEM gear knob.
GFB turbo boost valve.
New HKS panel air filter.
Just serviced.
fresh plugs. 15000km
Doesnt blow smoke or chew oil
Gear box shifts sweetly
Bought new pirelli gt tyres
OZ racing crono 17×8 rare wheels.
New Rays light weight wheel nuts
New rear brake pads
DBA slotted rotors
NEW aluminium radiator.
Timing Belt has been done during my ownership.
Runs really well.
Paint and body work could be adressed.

Source: Facebook / (archived) | AE86 Driving Club


Celica Group A 122

Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: WRV273 (SA – Current at 15/01/2019)

VIN: **************6818

Notes: Group A #122 popped up in a Facebook post in December 2018 with the following comment from Gavin Steward:

“Merry Christmas to me 😊 One owners, full history, all repair manuals and full set of spare OEM decals (owner used to have a Toyota dealership)”

The car looks to be in great original condition.

Last Known Activity: Facbook post from 24/12/2018.

Source: Facebook


Colour: Super Red

VIN: JT764STJ500016841

Notes: The watermark on the photo shows this car was listed for sale on at some point.

The registration is ilegible, however another photo shows it parked next to a Victorian car, and the last three numbers are possibly 185.  A VicRoads search on the VIN returns no result, indicating that the car is no longer registered in Victoria.

Source: / (archived)


Toyota Celica Group A number 124

Colour: White

VIN: JT764STJ500016267


The above photo of Group A #124 was posted on Facebook in September 2019.  It was spotted outside a workshop on the southside of Brisbane.

The car looks to be in good original condition, and it appears to have been continuously registered since new as the Queensland registration starting with the letters BM would date it as a 1991 registration.

Interestingly, the VIN for #124 puts it out of sync with the other cars.  Virtually all Group A build numbers and VINs increase together, however the VIN for #124 puts it between cars #98 and #99.

What does that mean?  Who knows, but it is unusual.

Update:  A Facebook post by the owner of #124 in April 2020 states the car has been in his family since around 1995.  The photo shows the car still in original condition.

Source: Facebook


Colour: Super Red

Known registrations: 757SGW (QLD – Not current)

VIN: *************6734


What I believe is Group A #125 was photographed at a Celica cruise in Brisbane in June 2013.  Photos were posted on Facebook showing the QLD registration 757SGW.  A user commented that it was owned by Michael.

In October 2016 the car (as photographed above) was listed for sale on Facebook.

The wheels appear to be the same as the Celica that was posted on Facebook with the 757SGW plates in 2013, and the VIN sequence and colour would suggest the build number is either #122, #123 or #125.  Based on the matching wheels, I’m confident the car is #125.

Here is the text from the Facebook listing in 2016:

“For Sale
Genuine 1991 Toyota Celica GT-Four Group A Rally in Super Red! No 125/150.
I am the 2nd owner and have owned the car for 16 years and have always kept this car in the garage!!
Body is in good condition! Only a few scratches on both sides of the front bar, the rest of the paint is in perfect condition! There is absolutely no rust in this GT4!!
I have colour matched paint for repairs.
Interior is in Very Good Condition and has not been modified in anyway other than Window Tint, Panasonic dual din stereo with new speakers, Nardi Gara steering wheel and boost gauge.
Engine was replaced in 2014 with another original GT-Four Engine from Japan. It’s done approximately 100,000k’s even tho the ODO says 285,800. This car was driven daily and no expenses spared maintaining it! Engine mods consist of, programmable Wolf 550 ECU, Cold Air Intake, 3.5” Stainless Exhaust from turbo
Suspension has been upgraded to Tein full adjustable coil overs all round and riding on Black 17” WRX rims with good tyres.”

In October 2018 the car was posted for sale on Gum Tree with an asking price of $15,000 but very little information.  The 757SGW plate was partially visible in the photos, but the ad was removed very quickly.

Source: Facebook


Colour: White

VIN: JT764STJ500016774

Notes: A forum post on Toymods by the user ‘Toobs’ from March 2005 states the following:

“Info on an extremely suspect Group A I know of:
Build Number: 126
Colour: White 
Last know location: A dodgy used car dealership on Parramatta Rd Homebush.
VIN: JT764STJ500016774

“The following were replaced / missing:
-IC replaced with standard GT4 item
-Front bar replaced with standard GT4 item.
-Only had a fujitsu ten tape/radio (no cd player)
-Had the standard gearstick not the short shift Group A item.
-99% sure that it didn’t have ABS.

It had the following group A features though:
-Little scoop that goes to the timing cover and mates up with the bonnet scoop.
-Model designation: ST185R-BLMQZQ”

It may have sounded suspect, especially with all of the missing Group A items, but the VIN does fit perfectly below #127 so presumably it is legitimate.  It may have suffered major damage (or have been a race car) and was repaired with cheaper non-Group A parts.

An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information about Group A #126:

“Not much is known about this vehicle, apparently it was last sighted in a Paramatta car dealership in less than original condition.”

Source: (archived)


Colour: White

Known Registrations: YZP377 (ACT – Expired 30/05/2017)

VIN: *************6801

Engine Number: *****7172

Notes: Watermark on the photo shows this car was listed for sale on at some point.

Build Date: 10/1991

Source: (photo only)


Celica GT4 Group A Number 128

Colour: White

Known Registrations: 128WRC (WA – Not current)

VIN: ************16827

Engine Number: 3S9157115

Delivery Port: Perth

Notes: Forum post from August 2010 stated that #128 was for sale in Perth:

“I’ve just seen 2 are for sale in Perth on Gumtree Website. Number #84 Red and #128 White.”

Update: A post on Facebook from 11/01/2019 shows photos of #128 with the following comment from Aidan Daly:

“Got a 91 groupe a rallye with 221000kms, trying to decide if I should sell or not.”

Last Known Activity: Facebook post from January 2019.

Source: MR2 Australia | Facebook.


Colour: Black

VIN: ************16852

Engine: 3S9157484

Delivery Port: Perth


Colour: Super Red

Notes: This is the only possible mention of #130 I’ve come across.  It was on a forum in reply to another user selling their Group A:

“my uncle used to own one of these, i think his was #130 or so. awesome car.”



Colour: White

Delivery Port: Perth


Colour: Super Red


Colour: Super Red


Colour: Super Red

Delivery Port: Perth


Celica Group A Rallye #135

Colour: Black

Known Registrations: STI85R (NSW – Not current)

Delivery Port: Adelaide

Notes: Photos from (archived) show that this car does not have the gold plate in the engine bay, indicating that this was not a pre-ordered car.

Source: / (archived)


Colour: Super Red

Delivery Port: Perth


Colour: Super Red

Delivery Port: Perth


Celica Group A Rallye Number 138

Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations:

GTA138 (WA – Cancelled April 2018)

Q2013 (QLD – Current at 13/06/2018)

VIN: JT764STJ500017045

Engine Number: 3S9158261

Delivery Port: Perth

Sold By: Narrogin Toyota, WA

Notes: Group A #138 was delivered new by Narrogin Toyota to Norm and Merle Oates, also of Narrogin.

It was the first Group A to be delivered in Western Australia, and both the dealer and the purchaser were presented with leather GT-Four jackets to mark the occasion.

The original owner (Norm) advises that sometime after delivery, the dealership asked if Toyota could borrow the car.  People from Toyota (the company, not the dealership) then took the car where it was driven on gravel.  They were accompanied by photographers.

Norm asked for copies of the photos, but were told they were for internal purposes at Toyota and he couldn’t have copies.  To this day Norm is still unsure exactly what they used the car for, but it was definitely driven on gravel and photos were taken for Toyota.

I’ve been told by another Perth-based Group A owner (#088) that TTE borrowed a local Group A for Carlos Sainz to do recce for Rally Australia in 1992.  Who knows if the two are linked, but it was the right car, in the right city at the right time…

The car was used as Merle’s main transport for many years after purchase, and spent much of its life doing the five-hour round trip from Narrogin to Perth.

The only accident damage involved hitting a kangaroo at some point, at which time the bumper and bonnet were either replaced or repaired.

Around the late 2000’s the car stopped being used as regular transport, and was only driven once or twice a month.  It remained garaged and serviced throughout.

In early 2018 they made the choice to finally sell the car after 27 years of continual ownership since new.

The car was still in completely original condition, showing 273,000km.  The full service history was documented, with all logbook services conducted by Narrogin Toyota.

I personally spoke with the service manager at the dealership.  He started at the dealership a few years after the car was delivered, and has known the car very well ever since.

I purchased the car and had it transported from Narrogin to Brisbane.

The WA registration GTA138 was cancelled in April 2018, and once the car arrived in Brisbane it was registered in QLD in May 2018 with the plates Q2013.

As of today the car remains in exceptional original condition and is driven once a month or so.

Original text from Carsales listing:

“1991 Limited Edition Carlos Sainz rally version (No. 138 of 150 released in Australia). This version offers more reliable performance in all weather conditions with an air-to-water intercooler unit, Torsen limited-slip read differential and upgraded gear synchros. One owner from new (lady driver—always garaged), never raced. New air conditioner. Fully service history available. Paintwork and upholstery in excellent condition. FEATURES This Toyota Celica Hatch has has been fitted with a spoiler. 15″ alloy wheels, power door mirrors, power steering, front power windows, limited slip diff (LSD) and central locking.”

Source: Owner.


Colour: Super Red


Celica #140

Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations:

931GXX (QLD – Not current)

CA47SQ (NSW – Not current)

Notes: The first photo is from the register and shows the car with QLD registration.  The watermark indicates that this car was listed for sale on at some point.

In September 2018 the car popped up on Instagram with the following caption from @rhodiumfinish:

“1991 Toyota Celica GT-Four Group A Rallye Carlos Sainz Limited Edition No.140. Rare old Celica that required significant work on the aged paintwork.
A delicate task in rejuvenating the Red colour and a number of scratches removed, overall a great result.”

The car is photographed with the NSW plate CA47SQ, however a search states that the registration is not current.

Source: / Instagram


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: GT4141 (VIC – Not current)

Notes: Watermark on the photo shows this car was listed for sale on at some point.

Source: (photo only)


Colour: White

Known Registrations: AA142B (SA – Not current)

VIN: *************7161

Notes: Watermark on the photo shows this car was listed for sale on at some point.

Source: (photo only)


Number 143

Colour: White

Known Registrations: ORJ419 (Cancelled 13/12/2015)

VIN: JT764STJ500017214

Engine Number: 3S9158231

Build Date: 09/1991

Notes: This car was auctioned by Shannons in February 2015, but failed to reach the reserve.

From the photos the car looks to be in good condition, with the only modifications being the wheels and stereo.  It appears to be missing the gold plate from engine bay.  No other details were available at the time of auction.

Link to auction page.

The car appeared again in a Facebook post in May 2015, photographed in a similar state to how it appeared in the Shannons auction photos.

Source: Facebook.


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: ZSC440 (VIC – Cancelled – 19/09/2017)

VIN: JT764STJ500017194

Engine Number: 3S9158230

Compliance Date: 10/1991

Notes: This car appeared in a blog article on the Toyota UK website, about a larger Celica collection.  The Group A only featured in the following snippet:

“Let’s not forget the rare ST185 GT-Four Group A Rallye either, which is number 144 of 150 sold in Australia. It’s generally used as a family runabout but has also competed in endurance events like the Winton 6-Hour.”

Source: / Facebook / Toyota


Colour: Black (now maroon)

Known Registrations: BEL34M (NSW – No longer registered to this car)

VIN: JT764STJ500017225

Notes: This car has been resprayed in maroon, and also has a sunroof fitted.

Photos from (archived) show that the car has been fitted with leather seats and red carpet.

Source: / (archived)


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: 131TLN (QLD – Not current)

Notes: Watermark on the photo shows this car was listed for sale on at some point.

Source: (photo only)


Colour: White

Known Registrations:

WRC91 (QLD – Not current)

YCY04V (ACT – Not current)

MY023 (ACT – Now registered to #105)

VIN: JT764STJ500017225

Notes: The website shows two white Group A cars with this same number plate.  #16 and #147.  Both are white, but they do have different wheels.

From an archived version of (which is no longer available) it seems the same person did own #16 and #147 (as well as #12) so presumably the same plates made their car from one car to the other.

Photos from (archived) show the car wearing the ACT plate MY023 which is now registered to Group A #105.

A for-sale thread for this car with more information can be found here.  As of 2008 the car was listed with 230,000km.

Further information about #147 can be found here.

Source: / (archived)


Colour: Grey Metallic

Known Registrations: ROB116 (VIC – Not current)

Notes: It seems that #148 has been written off.  A forum user on OzCelica has the following text in their signature:

“st185 GrpA #148 AKA “Phillip” – Deceased 2012-13″

A further comment on their profile states the following:

“So the decision is made. the 185 shell is going to the tip. All parts will be kept and ill be looking for another gt4”

It sounds as if the car had seen plenty of the road, with a post on the Toymods forum from the owner stating:

“First up, she clicked over 300k on Friday night. Most k’s Group-A perhaps??”

This comment was from January 2008.

Source: (photo only) / OzCelica / Toymods


Number 149

Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: 821JST (QLD – Not current)

VIN: JT7645TJ500017344

Notes: Listed for sale in January 2018, now marked as sold.  Location was listed as Blakiston, South Australia.  From the photos it appears to be in fantastic original condition, besides some damage to the right rear.

The comments from the listing are as follows:

“This wonderful example of Toyota’s 4wd performance car of the 1990’s is now surplus to my requirements. Offered for sale in identical condition and kms to when I bought it three years ago, never been driven since I’ve owned it. #149 of this Carlos Sainz limited edition has been lovingly stored away inside and you won’t find a better stock standard example on the market today. Sold without registration. There is a small mark on the rear right side near the bumper and a small hole in the carpet on the driver’s side. Windscreen wipers could do with some paint and new blades and a/c needs re-gassing. Turbo timer fitted and new decals for the rear hatch still in Toyota packaging ready to be affixed. All trim is in excellent condition and shows minimal signs of fair wear and tear. Yokohama 205/55 R15 tyres with plenty of life left in them fitted to the original wheels. No performance modifications. Car runs perfectly with excellent clutch, gearbox, brakes, good tyres, etc… exactly as it should. Photos show all the details so there are no surprises if you want to take a look. A good honest example being sold by a mature aged driver. No time wasters please. Price is AU$10,950. Will even pack in container at this price for overseas buyer”

Kilometres at the time of listing were 294,658.

Link to sales listing.

Previous photos were found posted on Facebook in May 2015.

#149 has also been listed on Gumtree at some point.  The ad is not dated, but it has been marked as sold and there is a photo showing the car with no number plates.  The listing is as follows:

“1991 Toyota celica GT Four Carlos sainz GroupA Rallye, build #149 of 150 Australian delivered examples.

Vehicle is very good original condition and belonged to a Gt4 collector and has been in storage for 4 years up until early this year where it had undergone a major service with all belts and fluids replaced.

For serious inquiries please don’t hesitate to give me a call Adam.”


Colour: Super Red

Known Registrations: SAINZ (VIC – Current at 19/04/2018)

VIN: JT764STJ500017372

Engine Number: 3S9158686

Build Date: 09/1991

Notes: An archived version of from 2007 provides the following information:

“This is the last one, No. 150 of 150 of the ST185R Group A release. For sale in early 2006. – New Turbo – Brass Button Clutch – 3″ Mandrel Bent, Stainless Steel Exhaust – Koni Adjustable Shocks and King Springs – Flashpoint Remote Alarm – 17″ Rims – Clarion CD Player – Turbo Timer – Boost Gauge – BOV – All Grp A options.”

Source: / (archived)


The following cars are ones I’ve found that aren’t identified by their number, but are clearly Australian-delivered GT-Fours.

Notes: Posted on the Shannons Club website.  The owner’s name was Eric and the following description was provided:

“Came from Queensland to W.A. and was purchased as unrego’d non goer. Small amount or rust in hatch was cut out and plated. Had a respray in original red and almost full rebuild on all parts over two year period. I have tried to keep it looking standard.

Modifications: 17″ ROH Wheels. ST 205 turbo. Race clutch. After market ECU. Mild cams.”

Source: Shannons Club.

Known Registrations: 341KMA (QLD – Current at 17/04/2018)

VIN: JT764STJ500015581

Notes: Found on Facebook with the following text:

“Peter Cox’s Celica Gt-Four Group A Carlos Sainz edition homologation special, improved by Garage Redzone for use in street sprints and track work!”

The VIN would indicate that the build number for this car would be from #014 to #016, and the colour narrows it down to either #015 or #016.  It’s likely to be #016, as it wears the same wheels and clear side indicators.  The only difference is that the confirmed photo of #016 has clear indicators in the bumper, where as this one has the original orange indicators.  That’s not a big change though.


Notes: This car was posted on the Shannons Club website, but the build number has not been mentioned.

The follow text was provided by the owner at the time of listing:

“Purchased in 2001 (?), spun a big end bearing driving it home leading to a full engine rebuild and upgrade. Has been in a state of upgrade and repair ever since…

Modifications:  Full engine rebuild, interior custom, more yet to do… have been side tracked the last 15 years or so…”

Source: Shannons Club.

Celica NSW XLY671

Known Registrations: XLY671 (NSW – Not current)

Notes: I don’t know much about this photo other than that it came from Facebook.  The NSW plate is visible, but the registration is no longer current.

Source: Facebook


Known Registrations: GO417 (NSW – Not current)

Notes: This photo was posted in the Toymods Facebook group in May 2016.

The bonnet and bumper are Group A, but it’s not possible to know if it’s a genuine Group A without the VIN or better photos.  The number plate is no longer registered to this car.

Source: Facebook

Known Registrations: TUF388 (VIC – Not current)

Notes: This photo was posted on the Just Cars Facebook page in October 2012 with the following text:

“We have all types of cars for sale on check out this GT4 Group A Celica, tarmac rally prepared by Bates Motorsport.

The link they provided no longer works, but the description refers to the car as a Group A, and it certainly has the appearance of a Group A , minus the stickers.

If it was an imported RC model it would have to be on race/rally rego and not the standard registration plates it’s wearing, so I suspect that it is an Australian delivered Group A.

Source: Facebook

Notes: This car competed in the 2007 Targa Tasmania where it finished 74th outright.  The driver was Rippon and co-driver Rycroft.

The official entry list has the car as a 1990 Toyota Celica GT4 Group A.  Whilst it does wear Group A decals (not the factory ones it must be said) none of the Group A cars were 1990 models.

That could mean this is an older car upgraded to Group A specs, or perhaps the year on the entrant list was out by one.

Source: Great Western Tiers

This is the red Group A that may have been the original #001.  It’s photographed here at Eastern Creek Raceway, and appeared in a number of different Australian magazine articles.

There is a photo which shows the interior build plate, but it’s not possible to read the number:

Notes: I have no information about this one.  I can’t recall the source, and there are no other identifying markers.  It certainly has the appearance of a genuine Group A car.


Known Registrations: VBV564 (WA – Not current)

Notes: This one was photographed at the 2016 Toyota Nationals.  It has the correct bonnet, bumper and taillights, but no Group A decals.  It’s impossible to say whether or not it’s a genuine Group A.

Source: Toyota Nationals

Notes: This one is pictured competing in the 2015 Targa West.  It could potentially be an import rather than Australian-delivered however.

Notes: There’s not much to say about this one.  Whilst it has the appearance of a Group A, the fact that it wears Victorian rally registration means it might be more likely to be an import rather than an Australian-delivered car.

Source: Tumblr

A mystery Group A was sold at a Shannons auction back in 2005.  The car sold for $26,000 and the only information available is as follows:

“1991 Toyota Celica GT4 Group A Rallye (Targa Prepared)”

Source: Shannons

A forum post from 2011 mentions a black Group A, but no build number:

“Just bought myself a future classic car. An absolute MINT Celica 4WD turbocharged GT4 Group A Rallye Carlos Sainz Edition, 5000 built worldwide, 1 of 150 delivered to Australia.

All original, unmolested, black with only 85,000 on the clock.”

Source: InTheMix.

I don’t know anything about this one, other than what’s in the video:

Other bits of info

I’ve added some links here to forum posts and various things I’ve found over time which may be useful:

Sounds like this was a written off Group A for sale, however the photos are gone and the build number wasn’t mentioned: Link.

A post on Toymods refers to a number of written of Group As:

“I know of 3 aussie delivered Group A’s that have been written off. One in Sydney, another in Orange and another based in Melbourne which clapped it it out in Targa Tasmainia about 4 years back now. I have no idea what numbers they were”

Another post in the same Toymods thread refers to a red written off Group A that was listed on eBay.  The build number is not known, but was said to be an early number.

Other Registrations and VINs

On top of what is listed above, I also have a large number of registration numbers and VINs which I believe all belong to Group As.

If you can help with any updates please get in touch!