Toyota Celica GT-Four Group A #052

Colour: Red

Known Registrations: TRD88A (NSW – not current)

VIN: JT764STJ500015856

Notes:  #52 competed in at least three Targa Tasmania events, including 1999, 2000 and 2001 at the hands of David Banes.

David has some information and photos on his own website, accompanied by the following text:

“We ran the event 1999-2001 and picked up a Gold Trophy for completing all competitive stages within time for three consecutive years. We also picked up the Modern Marque Team Award in 1999 beating teams of much quicker cars.”

David was kind enough to provide some additional information and photos for the register.

The photo below shows two reg Group As at the 1999 Targa Tasmania.  Entrant number 802 is #53 (David’s car) and number 801 is an unknown number.

801 was owned and driven by Lyndsay Shumes, but it’s unknown if it survived according to David:

“Unfortunately Lindsay crashed his car on that Targa (or was it the next?) I don’t know if it was repaired. A cold tyres, sharp corner thing…”

Here are the two red Group As, along with a white regular GT-Four that also competed that year.

The specifications of the car in 1999 (as per a presentation provided by David) were as follows:

Group N Spec Targa Rally Car

  • 180kw(245BHP), Water to air intercooled turbo 2.0lt
  • 4WD, Uprated suspension with Koni inserts
  • Roll cage, harnesses, fire extinguishers etc
  • 0-100kph 6.2seconds, 240kph
  • Limited Edition Carlos Sainz edition, number 52 from 5000 produced

Race Results

Targa Tasmania 1999

  • 34th outright (from 228 starters)
  • 12th in category
  • 3rd in class
  • Winner, Team Marques Trophy

David says the car was sold to someone in Tasmania, who also had plans to race it in the Targa.

More photos…

I greatly appreciate David providing the above information and photos for the register.