Toyota Celica GT-Four Group A #147

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The following information was retrieved from an archived version of the forum.

It was posted in September 2006 by the user ‘sikx5’:

“General Details: 
-Purchased by me on 04/07/06. 
-Build #147/150. 
-locally delivered in White. 
-Grey interior in with a big rip on driver side seat, to be replaced with buckets. Carpet has rips on driver side footwell area. 
-Zero rust. 
-Very straight car however paint work needs attention soon. 

-Stock Gen III 3S-GTE 
– ST205 Gear Box 
-Garret GT2540 BB turbo 
-Tial 46mm Ex-wastegate 
-3″ turbo back exhaust 
-Apexi Power FC ECU 
-Blitz 264 cams 
-TTE Adjustable Cam Gears 
-ERL water Injection System 
-Adjustable Fuel Regulator 
-TRD engine mounts (all 4) 
-Thermotec wrapped 3 inch stainless steel DP 
-Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifold 
-3 inch exhaust, stainless rear section (new resonator and rear muffler) 
-Turbosmart adjustable boost controller 
-Bosch motorsport fuel pump 
-540cc injectors 

-Brembo 4 spot calipers up front 
-330mm DBA 5000 two piece discs 
-Lucas motorsport brake pads 
-Rear soon to be ST205 brake setup 

Suspension / Rolling stock: 
-Whiteline rear adj swaybar. 
-J-Speed front and rear strut braces 
-Tein SS coilovers 
-Polyurethane lower control arm bushes. 
-Polyurethane front & rear swaybar d bushes. 
-Polyurethane rear link arm bushes. 
-Polyurethane bump stops. 
-25mm H&R Trak+ “track adjusters” on the rear. 
-17″ Oz racing 17×8, ET33, on Yokohama A536 215/40 tyres 
-New TRD rear diff 1.5way 

Interior Gadgetry: 
-Defi PSI boost guage 
-Momo leather wheel gear and gear knob 
-Sparco pedals 
-C’ short shifter 
-Rear mount battery 


Repair History: 
-New direct clutch twin plate 
-New lucas motorsport brake pads 
-New clutch pedal box 
-Steel braided clutch line 
-Brass shifter bushings 
-Rays extended black wheel nuts 
-Replaced spark plugs with NGK Iridiums. 
-Professionally polished and detailed exterior paintwork. 
-Flushed cooling system. 
-Regassed aircon. 
-New Optima Blue battery. 
-Raybrig Lense/bulbs and Polarg parkers. 
-Fueled by BP Ultimate 98. 
-All repairs done by myself so that they are done properly. 
-Replaced all fluids”

Some further posts in the same forum talk about drag racing.  There posts are also from September 2006:

“Went down the 1/4 on Saturday night, It was my first time out on the strip, the best time i could do was : 
13.846 @162.20kph – Reaction: 1.478. 60ft: 2.051 

That was launching at 6,500, Wheel spinning big time in 1st. Next time i’ll launch a bit lower, reduce the wheel spin. Hopefully i’ll have the .64 exhaust housing and 800CC sards + a tune then. 

Was a really fun night, had heaps of fun giving the car some stick. Howieau came out and took some pics, cheers dude. I’ll get the pics up soon. 

what RPM do you guys launch the car at? Looking at trying out 5,000rpm next time.”

“I got a total of 5 runs in, the 1st i got 14.5 Laughing 
2nd run i got: 13.965, then the 3rd i got 13.846, 4th: 13.998, 5th: 14.607. 

I was trying different launch RPMs through those runs, couldnt find a happy medium. I got really bad reaction times, i was pretty nervous through all runs. 

Played with a flat 13second silvia on the way home, and i left him behind Laughing 

All the runs were done with no rear seats, and 3/4 tank of fuel. 

Pretty happy with the times, im sure it can do alot better though. Just need a good driver. Hopefully get some sticky tyres soon, these yoko’s dont seem to have much dry weather grip. But sard 800cc’s, .64 exhaust housing and a re-tune, with a new electronic boost controller are on the list first Smile “